When we ask organizations where they see team members becoming limited, here’s what we hear:

"Our people
are feeling overwhelmed."

"They don’t feel like their work is making an impact."

"We’re seeing a low energy level throughout the staff."

Christopher’s keynotes and performances are ideal for service driven
organizations with high-stress environments.

  • Healthcare

  • Sales

  • Education

  • Banking & Insurance

  • Disability

  • Faith-based

Don’t see your industry? Let’s change that!

“Chris’ message was like a shot of dopamine for our people. We are still seeing the
mindset he instilled in our team members showing up on a daily basis.”

Kimberly Lindsay
Executive Director | Community Counseling Solutions

Meet Christopher...

When he was born, Chris weighed 1 lb, 12 oz, due to drug exposure. He was given a limited chance of survival.

Four years later, he was handed a microphone and started a journey that has inspired audiences throughout the world.

By 10, he sang the national anthem at Fenway Park and became a Youtube sensation by 11.

With each keynote, song, & performance Chris teaches audiences they are unlimited...and usually, just need a little reminding.

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Christopher’s team partners with each organization to craft a unique presentation with long-lasting results.

#1 Before :

Before the event, we learn :

  • Your company’s mission and the event theme to curate a message that will resonate with each audience member.
  • The desired outcome you want to see in your team long after the event is over.
  • Where mindset limitations are showing up in the organization.

#2 During :

Chris brings his miraculous story shared through the conference theme by:


  • Sharing his pure, contagious joy, leaving every audience member open to new possibilities.
  • Through humor and music, Chris shares the daily practices he uses to maintain his unlimited mindset.
  • He will create a renewed energy level that is felt instantly. After hearing Chris’ story, audience members feel unlimited in overcoming the challenges set before them.

#3 After :

In order to sustain the message, your team will receive follow up videos from Chris focused on:

  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges in new ways
  • An “anything is possible” mindset
  • There’s always another way to do something
  • Remaining flexible & open
Many organizations also choose themed Braille bracelets that you will see team members wearing for years.
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“This is one of the most inspirational speeches that I have heard in a very long time.”   

Michael Port, actor, NY Times best selling author, and professional speaker

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Bring Christopher To Your Event

Chris’ message of hope and determination will open the hearts and minds of each of your audience members. They will feel renewed, inspired, and unlimited to overcome the chanllenges set before them.

Connect with us to see if Chris will be the right fit for your event

Read Christopher's Blog

Explore Christopher’s world every week as he tells stories of family, friends, laughter, and life. Discover Christopher’s unique perspective with new adventures, opportunities, and possibilities.

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Check Out The Podcast

Join Christopher each week as he encourages his audience by interviewing others and sharing his mission. Christopher’s unique perspective emanates through his own editing and engineering of the show. Celebrating over 100 episodes and going into his fifth year of production, Christopher continues to inspire a generation with his perseverance, confidence, and purpose. Find encouragement for your mission with Christopher each week.


Watch Performance Videos

It’s Been You
Listen to Christopher’s first music video, featuring his brand new release “It’s Been You”

Lean On Me
Experience this unforgettable performance of tremendous harmonies with The Tenors.
Open the Eyes
Experience the originally Open the Eyes video, updated with a message from Christopher at the end.

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