Christopher and the Duffley family… thank you! What a wonderful experience, I as well as many of the staff I supervise were incredibly uplifted, inspired and motivated by getting to listen to the presentation at the Christmas party. I think many times we put our clients in boxes or unconsciously limit the capabilities of folk based on their diagnosis or “problems.” Listening to Christopher, made me and many of the folks I have spoken with to start to see things with more endless possibilities. At times as employees, we can get stuck in neutral or just go through the motions that each day brings us. That was something that listening, watching and observing that I didn’t see with Christopher. The biggest message I received that this young man with so many challenges has persevered and is tackling them as they come at him all while carrying his infectious positive attitude. It was a great presentation, everyone was well prepared and well spoken.

Matt Bergstrom
Facility Administrator

Although Christopher was faced with blindness at birth, he is definitely a young man with a powerful vision. Through his incredibly impassioned and dynamic musical presentations Christopher is able to share his noble mission in life.   Christopher’s message is both inspiring and transformative, something you must experience.

Stephen Singer
President Emeritus, Merchants Automotive Group

Chris is simply inspirational! Chris captures each moment with positive affirmations of perseverance.  He has a transformational message for all to move forward with developing their personal best. He is authentic, passionate, and he is clearly a beacon of hope and opportunity for all.

Bill Allen, CRC, MSM
Director Statewide Job Placement Services

“Engaging, inspirational and practical.”

“Chris was very informative and fun.  Great inspirational/motivational speech.”

“I cried, Iaughed and I learned a lot.”

New Hampshire Family Support Conference
4.8 out of 5 Stars - Keynote Address Comments

“You’re not only an inspiration to a lot of people, you’re a real joy to work with!  I appreciate your graciousness in joining our NEP Gala.  You are such a talented guy.  You touch a lot of hearts with your voice and your fun spirit!”

Clay Aiken
National Inclusion Project

“Christopher has the rare gift as a young performer.  He is connected to the spirit of the music like few are at this age.  He is born to move people with his charismatic personality, inspiring message and healing voice.”

The Tenors
Multi-platinum JUNO Award-winning Artists

If you are looking for a great back-to-school speaker, I highly recommend Christopher Duffley. Christopher shared with our district last year about the impact that several teachers had on his life. Christopher is blind and autistic but has perfect pitch. He ended our session by leading out district in Lean on Me.  Below is a comment from one of my teachers.

“Mr. Criswell, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for bringing in Christopher Duffley to speak to us and remind us why we chose education. In the day in and day out, it is often easy to lose sight of our vision and our true purpose. It is always good to be reminded of the difference we can make in someone’s life.

Jonathan Criswell, Director of Schools
Milan Special School District

Christopher has special gifts beyond his singing abilities.  His magnetic stage presence, profound maturity, and delightful engagement with the audience captivated the room and left a permanent imprint on the hearts of all attendees.

Paolo Aquilini
Owner, Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team

Christopher, blind and autistic is an amazing young man with such talent. He is not only a singer and musician, but so very inspirational, with a wonderful personality.  Touching the hearts of our guests, Christopher shared his story and the obstacles he has overcome.  He honored our Vets by singing “Proud to be an American” and finished with singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord”.  It was absolutely beautiful. Christopher brought awareness that anything is possible.  We were blessed to have him as our guest.  I will continue to follow Christopher, listening to his music and his message.

Patty Nusbaum
Board of Directors, Treasurer Vision Resource Center

The lasting impression for our people is that ministry in the Special Needs community is not so much what we do FOR them as much as it is what we do WITH them. Since your coming we have greatly expanded our ministry to persons with disabilities, but also our ministries working alongside persons with disabilities. Christopher and his team were used mightily by our Lord to make their coming not just a Sunday experience, but a transformational paradigm shift.

Pastor Jimmy Painter
Cresthill Baptist Church

Christopher is a charismatic, talented and inspirational young man! He has overcome so much in his life and is a role model of the highest order. He captivates the attention of any audience he performs for and leaves everyone in awe of his talent. I have been so fortunate to have him as a part of my life!

Bob Baines
Former Mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire

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