Christopher and the Duffley family… thank you!

Ahrens Technologies

Christopher and the Duffley family… thank you! What a wonderful experience, I as well as many of the staff I supervise were incredibly uplifted, inspired and motivated by getting to listen to the presentation at the Christmas party. I think many times we put our clients in boxes or unconsciously limit the capabilities of folk based on their diagnosis or “problems.” Listening to Christopher, made me and many of the folks I have spoken with to start to see things with more endless possibilities. At times as employees, we can get stuck in neutral or just go through the motions that each day brings us. That was something that listening, watching and observing that I didn’t see with Christopher. The biggest message I received that this young man with so many challenges has persevered and is tackling them as they come at him all while carrying his infectious positive attitude. It was a great presentation, everyone was well prepared and well spoken.