MPP 000: Christopher Duffley’s Early Years

I could hardly contain myself when iTunes notified me it had posted; I did it!  This is my first, very own personal podcast, Mission Possible.  Welcome to our first episode, Christopher Duffley’s Early Years.


In this episode you will find the ground-breaking accomplishment of a 14-year-old boy (me), beginning a new mission in life. You might be wondering, how did I get here, how did this all begin?

My dad is the co-host and my mom tells the story of how I came to be part of the Duffley family.  It was no accident.  Follow my journey of being born at just one pound, twelve ounces to when I started music therapy.  There is even a special surprise at the end!

Special thanks to my parents, Michael Shaughnessy my music mentor, coach and co-song writer, my podcast community -(Nick P,Lara H, Podcaster’s Paradise) and you, my faithful friends!!!!!!!

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Click here to download the script: MPP000 Transcript

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You are part of my success, thank you for your help!!

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  1. You are an inspiration to us all Christopher and what a wonderful story and wonderful family you have. Podcast is great, keep up the good work. Love and many blessings to you all.

  2. Hi from Dallas, Christopher! Just found your podcast but I’m having trouble getting to it (I’m on mobile) so I’m bookmarking the page so I can play catch up when I get to a real computer. Take care!

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