MPP 008; Know Greater Love Ministries With Christine Duffley

Christopher Duffley talks with Christine Duffley, his mom, who is the director of Know Greater Love Ministries. They talk about how the ministry first started, and how it is impacting people today.

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  1. You’re such an inspiration and HANDSOME must I say! You are precious!! Keep on living for Jesus buddy, ur on the right track! I LOVE TO WATCH U SING!!! You make my heart skip a beat. Sending much love to u, Have a Blessed Day!

  2. I have 3 grown up boys that are adopted.l really have enjoyed your story,singing + are such an inspiration plz keep up the good work!keep singing for Jesus Christ.Christine you will have many stars in your crown,You picked up this little scrap of humanity +with God’s help Christopher has become mighty in the hand of the Lord.LV + God Bless!!××

  3. Hi Christine,l have 3 grown up adopted boys,l have so much admiration for what you have done for picked up this little scrap of humanity + with God’s help Christopher has become mighty in the hand of a mighty God!Lv Jen xx?

  4. I just want you to know Christopher that when I first saw your video of you singing “Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord” when you were much younger, I cried. I had never heard anything more beautiful. Now I see that you are all grown up now and doing remarkable things! You are truly a gift from God! You have opened my heart to the Lord Christopher. I have never felt closer to Him. God Bless You all.

  5. I love your hearts Christine and Christopher. You shine with love and value your life as God blesses you. It looks like your mission is helping other of God’s children and keeps helping me. I pray God bless you with strength to keep going.

  6. I have just listed to you sinning open the eyes of my heart Lord. It was so moving it brought me to tears. Knowing what had happened to you as a child. You have great parents now follow your dream and keep serving the lord.

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