MPP 014: Exciting News – 8 Days Of Hope

In this episode, Steve Tybor joins us once again for an update on the 8 Days Of Hope trip this year. They will be going to South Carolina to rebuild homes this October 8-15th, 2016.




Learn more on how to volunteer at

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  1. Hi Christopher. Your podcasts are very enjoyable! You are growing by God’s grace, into a true professional. I’m too old to be interested in participating in Facebook, but am always pleased to hear about you and your family, since first meeting you at Carmel Baptist in Charlotte. The Duffley family is an inspiration to us all. May you each be richly blessed for devoting your lives to such meaningful service.

  2. Once more you deliver a great podcast. I’m learning about 8 days of Hope through you and your family. It’s wonderful what people do. I seem to remember that is was at 8 Days of Hope that you first sang open the eyes of my heart and you have never looked back from then. God bless you all. Xxx

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