MPP 063: November 2017 Speak-Off And My Speech There

In this episode, my dad, Steve, and I talk about the November 2017 Speak-off, and then we play my 5 minute talk from there.




Video: Christopher’s Speech At Advance Your Reach


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Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week!

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  1. Rock My Soul!

    That speech, reminding us to see with the eyes of our heart, was never said so beautifully before.

    Your sense of humor is uplifting, and encourages us to listen to you speaking from your heart.

    I only became aware of you about a year ago. It was but first video of you singing Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord. Simpson I have prayed in Thanksgiving and also in supplication that God would keep you movin’on…

    As I’m getting older (exponentially, each day!) and my body can do less, and my mind and memory move more slowly, You remind me to not identify with my limits, but with my passions – in both this life and for that of the next, in surrender to God’s perfect loving will.

    And you give me the courage to keep on, and enjoy everyday and brighten every moment of life (even to pursuing the one life dream I never completed: performing good clean comedy as a ventriloquist) until the moment when, someday, I’ll get to fall asleep in the arms of Jesus.

    You are truly a blessing, Christopher!

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