MPP 072: Participating In Our School Play And What Is Coming Up

In this episode, David St. Germain and I talk about what we’ve been doing lately, which is, as the title says, participating in our school play. We talked about what I’ve enhanced in about being there, which is teamwork and self-control.

Afterwards, we talk about an event coming up from April 6 to the 8th!


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Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week!

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  1. Christopher you are a wonderful young man and I would like to have you on my show Becoming More Than I Am Now on the 18th of this month. That is two weeks brother and I would like to interview you. I think my Ministry would be able to sponsor you and your show as well. Let me speak to the boys and see if they’re interested. The number to the show is (602) 753-3010 and I get on the Air 11am New York time. You could email me or call (845) 467-7194 that is my cell and I’m in the office 24/7 God Bless.

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