MPP 073: Recap of The Joy Conference And Overcoming Fears

In this episode, my mom, Christine, David St Germain and I talk a little about what happened at the Joy Conference. We also talked about overcoming fears and I even have a challenge for you at the end!

Listen HERE

Links Mentioned:


Emily Colson and Dancing With Max

A YouTube Video Of The Concert At First Baptist Concord

Joni and Friends Irresistible Church Resources

Patterson Park Church – Beavercreek, OH


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Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week!


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  1. Christopher, it was such a blessing to hear you sing while being accompanied by your brother on the drums. My heart could not be more filled with JOY seeing your profile picture and this one that I captured! May God open the flood gates for people to come to Him through your story!

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