MPP 091: Kimberly Lindsay And Community Counseling Solutions



In this episode, I talk with Kimberly Lindsay, who is the executive director of Community Counseling Solutions, Inc. We talk a little about how she came to be today and how her family started, as well as, of course, the mission of Community Counseling Solutions. We also talk about how I was able to come to Oregon for the first time in December 2017! Tune in to find out the details!


Here is an edited version of what her first interaction with us was, for when she talks about how she first met me:

We provide mental health, addictions and developmental disability services to a large geographic area in eastern Oregon. Last week I was thinking that it would be amazing if Christopher could come and speak to our staff at our annual Christmas party in December 2017. We employ about 130 folks. Then I got to thinking that maybe that would be selfish if he just spoke to our staff. There are a lot of individuals with disabilities in eastern Oregon that would travel hundreds of miles to listen to Christopher. The same would be true for the Christian community. In short, I would like to see if it would be possible for Christopher to come to eastern Oregon some time.


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Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll talk to you next week!

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