MPP 111: A New Adventure!

In this episode, on Sunday, July 14, I’m almost to the St. Michael’s College Campus in Colchester, VT, where I am staying. I talk a little about what will be happening over the next week and a half or so at the time of this post, which is a work and independence program. I talk about what will be happening on the weekends and state that I have mixed feelings about the program. After that, I mention that I’ll be heading to the Seattle area from August 10 to the 17th to attend a technology camp at Microsoft from August 12 to the 16th, and also visit my sister, Jocelyn, who also lives in the area.


By the way, the wedding on July 20 has been moved to the end of August, so scratch that!


My Reflections On The First Week


It wasn’t a bad start. It was interesting to be able to get around the college independently. We basically just about do everything on our own, from making our lunches every night to just following voices or sound queues to get somewhere unfamiliar. Not that there’s no reason to have a guide anymore, but it is definitely an improvement to independence, although I have done some of the following sound thing before. On Wednesday, during IT at ReSOURCE in Williston, VT, which is my workplace for the next 2 weeks, I opened up a few computers. Thursday, I was at IT and tried to test a keyboard, and it didn’t work until I had to just use a screen reader’s keyboard help to be able to test whether every key worked on it or not.


Our Schedule For the Week


  • Mondays: Professional development day
  • Tuesdays: Work at the garden
  • Wednesdays through Fridays: Work at our location (for me it is ReSOURCE in Williston, VT)
  • Weekends: Recreational activities


Hopefully I’ll be able to get an episode or two in in the coming weeks, but if not, that probably means I’m pretty busy over the next while!


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