Steven V. Taylor and Christopher Duffley

MPP 141: Where Is He Now? (6)

In this episode, we continue with Part 2 of our interview with Steven V. Taylor, who was the producer of my 2 albums, Eyes of My Heart and Believer. We talk about how his family is now in 2020 and also talk about an album that he co-produced with Bethel Music called Peace. You can find it basically anywhere you consume music, like iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music. The main artist for the album lookup is Bethel Music.


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  1. We would like to give a one time gift for now. Would you prefer a credit card number or a personal check? We did not know about Christopher until a month ago. I am a Bible teacher and go online at times to find some new background information for a lesson. I was doing that and had turned away from the computer for a second and when I went back something had happened on the computer and I was on You Tube. There was a long list of different singing groups and in the middle was this picture of a little boy in a white shirt. I was ready to exit You Tube when I felt a nudge from God to click on the site of this little boy, never dreaming of what I would fine. Christopher is now a young man whom God has raised up to proclaim His name. It’s wonderful to see how God can raise up just one individual to do His work here on earth and there are stories throughout the Bible that reflect this. By finding Christopher I found something wonderful that fit right in with my lesson. He and his mission are being prayed for.

    God bless. Cheryl Sjaardema

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