Chris and Mike Snyder in Oregon

MPP 144: On The Road Again: Some Tech Talk with Mike Snyder

In this series of episodes, I talk with Mike Snyder, who is the IT guy for Community Counseling Solutions. He also happens to be doing prison ministry which we’ll talk more about next week. The majority of today’s episode discusses his story behind how he got into IT and his love for computers.


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  1. I think you’re handsome boy and I like your boys and I’m special needs just like you and I would love to meet you terribly my birthday is March 8th 1984 movie 37 this year and I would like to meet you and maybe we can sing that song open up my eyes Lord and some other patriotic songs in church songs that you might know that I might know to that would be wonderful maybe when my church Foley opens again maybe we could talk to my pastor and see if you can come and sing and tell us your story what happened to you when you were little in everything is that would be so cool be real cool all right

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