Tom Stolle

MPP 151: Tom Stolle And The Baptist Convention of Maryland-Delaware

In this episode, I talk with Tom Stolle, who’s a part of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware. We discuss what he does there, and we also get an update on his son, Jimmy.


We first had Tom Stolle in Episode 007 in May of 2016.

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  1. Well it’s been lovely to watch you on YouTube today and then listen to you chatting to Bob on your podcast who left 5 years ago and has moved on to his own church and how he is helping parents to cope with children at church and wanting to bring them in to church Children who are disabled or have special needs aren’t always welcome at church and are often asked to leave. but if there are adults in church and they are understanding even qualified then at least we all have a chance to get to know Jesus, for it was Jesus who said to bring the children to him as the disciples hushed them away.
    I have had to visit around 27 churches in order to feel at home and accepted
    I went to church from a small child and then when I had children I was asked to leave because of the noise every church every time and then we got accepted in the Saturday church it’s a whole day commitment thing I even got to sing but you can leave if you want important they are just really nice people and I had a lot of friends there but I lost a lot to
    I can’t go anymore I’m mostly bed bound now but I don’t want them to see me like this so I just stopped
    I’m not without God and the children though and I got to see your video today and learn all about you and I think that you’re fantastic

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