Stephan Roberts and Chris Duffley at EFX, with the EFX Fitness sign and a Mission Possible T-Shirt in the background

MPP 152: How to Show Up and Not Give Up with Stephan Roberts

In this episode, I talk with Stephan Roberts and he gives us some great advice about showing up and not giving up. He also talks about what he does at EFX Fitness. We also talk about goal setting and the philosophy of “1% each day is better than nothing.” As we do talk about this, I compare my progress from my most recent workout test to the one a few weeks prior, and, as you can tell, I’m making progress! Though slight, it’s pretty big if you’re on your way to reaching your goal of a better lifestyle change!


Also, on another aerobic test on 9/24/2021, I got 3mins 10secs on the last mile, 2 seconds ahead of my last record mentioned in the episode!


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