What If We Stopped Asking “What If?”

Christopher Duffley's 12th Birthday

The entire Duffley Family on Christopher’s 12 th Birthday, May 19, 2012

When Christopher’s birthday arrived this past May 19th, I pondered awhile about the “what-ifs.”

What if he had not been born? What if he died? What if he could see? What if my brother had cleaned up his act? What if………?

I guess that is a natural thing to do when thinking about the tidal wave made by the choices others make. No doubt that so much good has come from something that has caused much pain in so many lives. No doubt we all go there, but the focus needs to stay in the here and now, as difficult and heart wrenching as it might be at times.

As we journey along, I have learned that everyone has things in their life that challenges them. It just seems that today’s “issues” seem more complex and more brutal to one’s well-being. The song “Lean On Me” has become more significant as we visit different places, singing to diverse audiences and meeting all types of people. We are not alone. When people contact us, I am so happy to connect and Christopher is thrilled to reply.

This child of God has inspired us all, from his local school to people we may never meet, connecting far and near on the internet. We have been given a gift in Christopher because God has revealed to us the gift of life, of friendship, of sacrifice, and unconditional love. I chose today to embrace where I am, to love my family (blemishes and all) and not live in the “What Ifs”, but to live in the “Let’s Live” with those around me.

May we inspire one another and embrace the faith that never fails us.

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  1. I randomly found the “Open the Eyes of My Heart” song on video in the middle of the night. I cannot recall something being needed and delivered so well ever before. I am 37 years old and a parent of two young children (2 and a newborn). In between that was a miscarriage along with numerous years of inability to have a child with my wife. I grew up as a Pastor’s son (was deacon early on) and my wife also grew up in church. Faith is a powerful contributor to who I am today but it continues to be a challenge as it is for everyone. I am a special education teacher and have a lot of experience with students with Autism. It is a challenging but immensely rewarding field. I just completed coursework to become an administrator. This video and site have been a blessing. It has in more than one way refocused my attention. It has brought me back to my original motivation as a special education teacher, a parent, and most of all a Christian. I really appreciate Christopher’s and his family’s gift that has been given to so many. Good luck and please keep this up. I live in Martinsburg, West Virginia just outside of DC/Baltimore area.

    Jason P.

  2. I just wanted to say that Christopher’s story has really touched my heart, I have a little brother who is 4 years old and is Autistic, he also has a large amount of Medical conditions and is a miracle. God has taught me so much through his life but sometimes I put my perspective of how God could use him in box. When really our God is mighty and he can do all things. So Christopher your story has really given me courage to trust that God can use Charlie (at the moment he cannot communicate) and probably in ways I have not even thought of. I pray that everyday God will continue to bring Glory to himself through you! Hannah (Australia)

    1. Hannah, as I read your post…I thought…Hmmmm…Maybe Charlie will be a writer… You never Know how God will use your son to communicate; there are NUMEROUS ways to communicate, verbal and nonverbal. 🙂 Be encouraged, Jesus Loves you! God BLess!

  3. God is awesome! immediately i began to listen to Christopher’s rendition of ‘open the eyes of my heart’, i broke into tears in worship. I realized how important the eyes of our heart is to our existence on earth and to our pursuit of eternity. God bless and keep you Christopher and the entire family (Worcester, MA).

  4. Thank you for all your songs and your spunk. I can see that God is using you in so many ways. Your songs and being make me feel so close to our Lord and Saviour.
    You and your family are such a real blessing!!!

  5. I am 80 years on this earth and it was a blessing to listen to Christopher. Yes it will bring tears to ones eyes. I further enjoyed reading the many posts for they truly showed the Christian vein in the posters.

    Thanks to the Lord Jesus for this wonderful child and his family. May our Lord Jesus richly bless them in all endeavors and all the days of their lives.

    Many subjects I don’t care for on the Blaze but I do give the Blase accolades for this great story — it made my evening. Art LeBeau, Villa Ridge, MO

  6. Dear Christy,

    Praise the Lord. I am Sheela Shaji, mother of Neha Anna Shaji, who was born on 31st May 2004, both blind and autistic. I really thank God since God has provided you the opportunity to study and for all the talents that he has given you, especially, I really appreciate your songs, and you are a real good singer. May God Bless you. OPen the eyes of my heart Oh Lord ..is really a touching song. I would like to know at which age you started to go to school…etc. My daughter is now going to be 10 years.

    With love and regards,
    sheela shaji

  7. I was just playing around on you tube one day. I think my daughter and i were watching videos of young girls singing “let it go” from frozen. when i see a video called “10 year old bind autistic boy sings….” considering i have 2 brothers and a sister who have autism, it spiked my curiosity. so naturally i watched it. And to see and hear Christopher sing open the eyes of my heart…..it just blew mw away. it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. he is truly an inspiration and a very talented young man. i have watched many of his videos and have liked his page on facebook. i watch his video…open the eyes f my heart at least once everyday. he is definately an instrament to the good lord. No matter what I am going thru that particular day, no matter how stressed or worried i get, hearing him sing that song, really puts my heart at peace even if it is for only a few minutes. It really helps me. So Chris, you are truly amazing…dont change and keep doing what your doing. Thank you for sharing your story. and if you ever come to western new york be sure to let me know.

  8. Wow! I just happened to run across christopher on God vine. As I poured tears, I’m so thankful for such an awesome living God we serve . Who is in the Miracle business. Christopher truly blessed me today. I needed it. Praying for you precious young man. You rock!!!

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