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MPP 148: All About Podcasting with andrew Weiss

In today’s episode, I talk with Andrew Weiss, who is a speaking and sales coach, as well as a coach who helps start businesses and grow them faster. This can include podcasting as part of it.


Not only is today’s episode about what he does, but we also discuss a lot about Podfest Masterclass, which is a smaller version of Podfest Global which is a really big international organization that allows a big amount of people to gather together and network about podcast-related topics, from starting from scratch to just getting tips on growing your audience.


Jonathan Mosen, a very big name in the blindness community and who we’ve had the honor of having as a pass guest, will be presenting towards the end of the pre-week event festivities at Podfest Masterclass on May 7 at 2PM US Eastern Time, and will be talking about engaging with your audience faster.


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